Episode 14: Bullpen Culture (with Glen Perkins)



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The bullpen can seem to be a word all its own sometimes, so I spoke with Twins closer Glen Perkins to get the scoop on just what goes on in that little section behind the outfield.



Jahzzar – Siesta
Teen Girl Fantasy – Portofino
James Pants – Cha Cha Demo

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  1. said...

    DeJesus is mostly known for his nondescript play. He swings a league average bat. His power is league average. His speed is league average. In center field, he’s ever so slightly below league average, but he’s above league average in the corners.

  2. said...

    The Journal’s story is full of remarkable details, like the almost-loss of 500 sapphire bricks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or the 700 people GT hired as a result of the project, many of whom wound up with nothing at all to do.

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