Episode 17: The Presenters



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The latest episode of Stealing Home deals with the presenters, those that are responsible for getting us the game we love in all the formats we need.


Larry Mahnken talks about his work as an MLB Datacaster — the ones responsible for the Gameday feeds on MLB.com


Then, Clay Wendler of SB Nation talks about his life putting sports video on the Internet via the latest craze (at least in terms of file formats), the GIF.


Then, Joe Block, radio announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers discusses life in the booth, and how he got his start in broadcasting.



Plus, the MVP of My Heart.

(all music by David Temple)

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  1. said...

    I do not view this as a urination derby between Jack and me. We do have a common dislike of Bonds, although I think it’s safe to say that his runs a lot deeper than mine. My lack of affection is based on the fact that he treats people poorly

  2. said...

    Another issue with all the dust and other debris that can get caught behind the case and along the sides. Unfortunately, the Hydra case doesn’t do any better – but it is super easy to remove and clean the case if it gets too dirty.

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