Episode 19: Another Beginning



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Episode 19 of Stealing Home helps to ring in a new season.

First, author Michael Clair shares his thoughts on how Opening Day can be made even better.


And Larry DiVito, head groundskeeper at Target Field talks with me about his job and prepping for a new season.


Then, I let NPR’s Jesse Thorn fill in for the usual MVP of My Heart by replaying an essay from his show Bullseye.

(all music by David Temple)

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  1. Jamie Selko said...

    I am sorry to bother you busy folks, and I do not have a comment, but rather a question:
    As I was unable to find either an email adress or a physical address, on your site, do you have one of either so that I might be able to submit an article (of the History variety) for you to determine if it meets your high (if not Himalayan, then at the very least Andean)) standards regarding future publication in THT? (In point of fact, I don’t know if you even accept non-team member submissions, but, since I don’t know, I thought I’d ask. I mean,what’s the worst you can do-get a restraining order/harassment writ against me?)
    Thank you for your time,
    Jamie S.

  2. said...

    I guess that depends on how big of a bite that would take out of your bank account. Either way, it was surely be a lovely thing to have in the closet for those days when your outfit needs a bit of reptilian flair.

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