Episode 2: Music



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In this episode, we explore baseball’s long and storied relationship with music.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

First, we look at the history of the game’s oldest song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, then discuss the news with Liz Roscher.


Then, writer Paul Swydan helps us discover references to baseball in contemporary music. (Get Paul’s full list here.)

chuck morgan

You’ve heard the music at the ballpark, but have you ever wondered who is charge of it? Chuck Morgan, who does the PA announcing and runs the music for the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, talks to us about his job now, and how its changed over the years.

Jack Stamp

We then talk to composer, conductor, and educator Jack Stamp, who wrote Pastime (A Salute to Baseball), one of the only pieces of classical music written about baseball.

Michael Clair

Michael Clair then talks about his … unique personal baseball playlist.

Bert Blyleven

And finally, we hear from Bert Blyleven, the MVP of My Heart.


Jahzzar – Siesta
BOPD – 2205
Teen Girl Fantasy – Portofino
James Pants – Cha Cha Demo
Sam Johnson – Under the Sun



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