Episode 21: The Ones That Got Away



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We all remember those players, coaches, or even teams that got away. They leave us wondering “what if?”, and make for great fodder for pub arguments for years and years. On this episode of Stealing Home, we look at just a few of those stories.

Do you know Jonah Keri? You should! Do you know he’s an Expos fan? Of course you do! Have you read his book on the Expos? Buy it now! I talk with Jonah a little on his new book chronicling the garish introduction of the Expos and their untimely demise.

Sam Dingman
is a very funny, very insightful individual and a contributor to Stealing Home. He’s also an Orioles fan, for what that’s worth. When I asked him to talk about someone from his childhood that he lamented, he brought up Ben McDonald. I think it goes deeper than Ben McDonald, though. You’ll just have to listen.

Tony Gwynn died and that REALLY made me sad. In terms of the grander stage of baseball, he’s really one that got away. I try to come to grips with that while not completely breaking down with The MVP of My Heart.

(All original music by David Temple. Additional music from Warren Zevon and Frankie Yankovic)

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    Even Apple’s latest “shot on an iPhone 6″ ad campaign touts the device’s camera quality with sweeping and dramatic user photos plastered on billboards (though its parodied campaign does not).

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