Episode 3: International



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For episode 3, we go international, and look at baseball in different countries of the world.

Jonah Keri

After the news with Aaron Gleeman, we chat with writer Jonah Keri about baseball in his hometown of Montreal.


Perth Heat

Afterwords, we talk to Tom Fee. Tom is an organist and writer for the Perth Heat of the Australian Baseball League, and he tells us about his ascension into baseball fandom and Australian baseball in general.


Filmmaker John Fitzgerald joins us to talk about his work to bring an honest-to-goodness baseball field to a European country.




And we go outside the box a little with the MVP of My Heart, and look at a film that exposes some perhaps-unknown truths of baseball in the Dominican Republic.


Note Drop, Broke for Free
Siesta, Jahzzar
Portofino, Teen Girl Fantasy

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