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Hello, everyone. I’m David Temple. I’m a writer here on The Hardball Times, as well as FanGraphs and NotGraphs. I also host the podcast Stealing Home. Stealing Home has been a pet project of mine for some time now, but now I’m happy to announce that the show has gone big time, as it’s now part of The Hardball Times. I’m very excited about this transition, and am equally excited to share my show with new listeners. All previous episodes are available to you, so please take a listen to prior episodes.

Stealing Home differs from a lot of baseball podcasts in that it takes more of a story-telling approach to the medium. It digs into the history, culture, and stories of the game. I think it’s a great fit with what The Hardball Times is doing, and I think you will as well. Listening to one episode will make it apparent that this isn’t like most sports podcasts.

Guests to date have included:

  •  Glen Perkins of the Minnesota Twins
  •  Jonah Keri of Grantland
  •  The voice of Rangers Ballpark Chuck Morgan
  •  Brewers radio announcer Joe Block
  •  Sean Forman of Baseball Reference
  •  Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus
  •  Classical music composer Jack Stamp
  •  Michael Clair of OldTimeFamilyBaseball
  •  Craig Robinson of flipflopflyball
  •  Dr. Alan Nathan, noted baseball physicist
  •  Many THT and FanGraphs contributors like Carson Cistulli, Mike Bates, Paul Swydan, and more
  •  Novelists, baseball writers, historians, and independent radio producers

A fresh new episode should be up by the time you finish reading this sentence, and previous episodes are there for your consumption. It’s a great thing to binge on while we wait for the season to start. I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoyed making them. Thanks.

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  1. Stuart Rosen said...

    I’m a big fan of the podcast, and am happy that its future looks good with Hardball Times. The espionage in the most recent episode brought to mind a book called “Play for a Kingdom,” about the Civil War, baseball, and espionage. You’re probably familiar with it, but just in case you haven’t read it, I recommend it.
    -Stuart Rosen

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