Sticking to his gut?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the Dallas Morning News understands blogging:

Barack Obama impressed me yesterday by sticking to his gut and picking Pittsburg to win the Super Bowl.

Many elected officials waffle when it comes to sports, like Hillary wearing Cubs and Yankees caps.

Obama picked the Steelers because team ownership supported his presidential bid. Forget the underdog story. It was all about politics.

Mr. President, of course, is way off base with his baseball prognostications. He cheers for the Chicago White Sox, even though The Cubs are the toast of the town. It’s wrongheaded. And he’ll certainly miss out when America’s team finally win the World Series.

If the author of that is actually on the staff of the Morning News, well, God help them. If he’s not and, rather, the Morning News simply allows anyone to post anything under the banner of its “Trail Blazers” blog, well, again, God help them.

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  1. Jon said...

    The dude who wrote that garbage is named “Gromer Jeffers, Jr.”… can’t always judge a cat by his name, but I think w/“Gromer” we can make an exception.

  2. The Common Man said...

    “There is something wrong with each paragraph of that.  Impressive.”

    And that’s not even taking into account the sum of the parts.  Ew.

  3. Andy L said...

    According to the sidebar, he covers local government and politics.  He’s a staff writer.  Run for your lives!

    As an aside…wouldn’t the rapid disintegration of the newspaper industry signal that the few left in the biz would be the cream of the crop?  I now have to assume that’s wrong.  I feel the same way about seeing bad actors continuing to get work – aren’t there hundreds of great actors who just need a break while Keanu Reeves has built quite a nest egg on inexplicable talents?

  4. Pete Toms said...

    He’s right about Rooney supporting Obama.  He doesn’t seem to get that Obama is a south sider though…

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