Subjective vs. Objective

History will one day almost certainly show that Bobby Cox was a superior manager to Joe Girardi, but from where Mark Teixeira is sitting, that simply isn’t the case:

The good thing about Joe is that he is consistent. He expects a lot out of us but you look at him and you can’t tell if we won or lost,” Teixeira said. “Your leader needs to show confidence. The manager can’t be upset after every loss. He can’t be angry all the time.”

Then Teixeira paid Girardi the supreme compliment.

“Out of all the managers I have had, he is the best I have had by far,” Teixeira said.

Reminded he played for future Hall of Famer Bobby Cox in Atlanta and World Series champion Mike Scioscia in Los Angeles, Teixeira said, “[Girardi] is No. 1.”

I wonder how he would have answered that question when he played in Anaheim and Atlanta.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Now, now Craig, don’t go saying that Tex is such a sycophant one post later than your melancholy rendition on Greenfield.

  2. themarksmith said...

    Like a good little soldier, whatever way his employers wanted him to answer that question.

  3. bpasinko said...

    He wasn’t asked to talk about Girardi right?  The Braves weren’t all that great with Teix, he probably didn’t like stealing bases and moving runners over for the Angels, and the Yanks are playing extremely well right now.  For Teix, Girardi probably is the best manager he’s played for.

  4. Ron said...

    In other news, Mickey Mantle thought Johnny Keane was a better manager than Casey Stengal, because all of those championships and playoffs happened in the past.

    Yeah, I just compared Texiera to Mantle. Which is about the same as comparing Girardi to Cox.

  5. Jason Rosenberg said...

    Let’s be fair to Tex – when I ask who my favorite boss of all time was, do I ask myself:
      a) who increased the company’s bottom-line the most
      b) who increased my productivity, objectively measure, the most, or
      c) who I liked working for the most?

    Clear (C). Don’t expect employees to be economists; don’t expect baseball players to be sabermaticians.

  6. Richard Dansky said...

    Hopefully if they’d asked him while he was playing for the Braves, he wouldn’t have said Girardi, for obvious reasons.

    Though with some of these guys, youneverknow.

  7. Jorge Costales said...

    Clearly Texiera feels indebted to Girardi for sticking with him during those dark, dark weeks in April. Those were times that would have tried a lesser man’s resolve. Ditto Joe’s determination to keep Rivera in the closer role.

    Could someone please have Texiera’s financial advisor call me immediately.

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