Super Poke the Marlins’ New Stadium

Today is the final vote for the Marlins’ stadium. As you’re waiting for that, why not click over to Facebook and find out which President or Superhero the proposed park would be:

The most annoying Facebook gizmo in history appeared in December. Worse than Vampire Wars and the gifting of virtual beer, it inveigled users to write 25 Random Things About Me.

We learned that our girlfriend for three days in sixth grade likes cheese; that someone we know slightly still has a crush on that guy from Knight Rider, and that somebody else has a morbid fear of clowns.

Each alpha user annoyingly asked 25 friends to write 25 random things, too, and each of these friends’ friends annoyingly asked 25 more, and so on, until this week, when the viral loop catapulted into the bizarro realm: 25 Random Things About Me, by Miami-Dade’s Ballpark.

No. 2: “None of the money used in my construction can go to other government services like education, police, public housing or parks. It’s state law!”

No. 19: “I’m ready for my close-up: I’ll have some great views of the Miami skyline from the stands, which should be great for showing off the city during nationally televised games.”

No. 25: “I’m beloved already.”

If this stadium were a person — close-talking, unfunny, boastful but discomfitingly insecure — you might de-friend.

Hey, I actually liked the 25 Things About Me meme! The idea of a stadium having a promotional Facebook page, however? Kind of reminds me of when the Fruity Pebbles people had Barney dress up like MC Hammer. Too late, too lame, and mostly just embarrassing.

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  1. Pete Toms said...

    Andy, without getting in to the semantics of the fungibility of the public dollars, technically that comment is accurate.  The $$$ referenced are to be spent only on tourist related projects (ie. many critics of the plan were calling for this money to be spent on the convention centre).

  2. KR said...

    I guess I must be on a different Facebook than the writer of the article. Apparently on his version of Facebook, you are forced to read everything that everybody posts. Not sure how it manages that; presumably secret police and toothpicks on your eyelids are involved. On mine, it just shows that someone wrote 25 things, and you can go ahead and ignore it if you’d like. In fact, you have to specifically say that you’d like to read the 25 things by clicking on the note, making it very easy to ignore.

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