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  1. Good article but Moe Drabowski’s pranks don’t sound all that funny to me. They seem sort of mean. I guess you had to have been there.

  2. Is he wearing a knuckleball-catching oversize mitt in the card photo?  Or is it just the way his arm is closer to the camera?

  3. The photo was taken in 1972, when the White Sox still had knuckleballers Wilbur Wood and Eddie Fisher. So, I’d say it’s possible that he is wearing an oversized mitt in the photo. It looks big to me, too.

  4. Civilwarmake, I’ve seen that photo on the Internet somewhere. It IS a great shot!

  5. Take a look at the photos on his website (Look under photos tab).

    There are two views of the Campaneris slide.

    The photo that intrigues me is the first black & white photo at the top of the page.  It shows Hermann in the dugout and it looks like Hermann stuck his uniform leg in a meat grinder. (The after effects on the Campaneris slide I wonder?)

    Incredible 1970 numbers, 19 HR in 297 AB.  Not many players put up power numbers like that during that era.

  6. For years, an oversized black-and-white photo of Ed was posted inside old Comiskey Park, right near the main entrance. It pictures a determined Hermann receiving the ball and blocking the plate as a spikes-high Bert Campaneris prepares to launch himself into the catcher. I always looked for that photo on every trip I made in to see a Sox game. I always wondered what happened to that photo when they tore down the old stadium. I think it perfectly sums up the type of player Ed was. Thanks for the interview Bruce, and thanks for the memories Ed!