Target Field Update

The Pohlads are kicking in more money to the new joint. And the new joint is starting to sound pretty spiffy:

The Pohlad family on Friday announced it has again increased its contribution toward the construction of the Minnesota Twins’ new ballpark to help pay for rooftop seating and various other design enhancements . . . The Pohlads’ latest expense will help pay for Wrigley Field-like bleachers that will be built on the roof of the team’s administrative offices in left field. The rooftop deck will have room for 150 to 300 fans.

Other upgrades will include scoreboard and high-definition enhancements, concourse heating, seat upgrades and “iconic team-related signage,” including a statue of Kirby Puckett.

Heated concourses are a stellar idea for this park. I’m less worried about spring rain and snow outs than a lot of people are — the Twins played in open air for 20 years before the dome was built and got through it just fine — but there are definitely going to be some cold games in the early going, and what better than to have a warm place where fans can retreat to buy beer and foam fingers and stuff?

I’m not sure what “iconic team-related signage” is. If there are statues other than Puckett’s I’d assume they’d be of Killebrew, Katt, Carew, and maybe Oliva. Kent Hrbek isn’t worth a statue, but maybe they’ll make a Fathead of him brutally assaulting Ron Gant down at first base during Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. You know, the out that ended the inning instead of leaving it with runners on first and third with David Justice coming to bat? In the one-run game that could have gone either way and only needed a slight correction by the hands of fate — or the meaty sausage fingers and ham fists of Kent frickin’ Hrbeck — for the outcome to have been changed?

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

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  1. Sean said...

    It’s okay to be bitter, but your angst is misplaced. Two words: Lonnie Smith.

    And those meaty sausage fingers and ham fists played some mean first base defense. At least there’s one 3-2-3 double play I can think of that was pretty alright.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    For the sake of my own mental health I forgave Lonnie Smith for his baserunning gaffe years ago. Ultimately he is a player who was destined to screw up like he did. He was, is and will always be Lonnie Smith, and if Lonnie Smith doesn’t get deked and screw the hell up in Game 7, he could have just as easily fallen down in the outfield and allowed Chili Davis to hit an inside the park home run or something.

    In other words, you budget for a Lonnie Smith screwup. The Hrbek thing still hurts.

  3. Matt in Toledo said...

    Every time I read about a new stadium, I hope to hear about the installation of some super high-tech sensor system beneath the field. Something that gives us an undeniably reliable defensive metric. Maybe Billy Beane will insist on it if the A’s ever get a new stadium.

  4. Wilson said...

    Does anyone know where a brother could get a DVD or download of the complete 1991 World Series?

  5. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Do they have video-brainwave interface technology yet? Because the whole thing replays in my nightmares once or twice a year and I’ll gladly burn you a copy.

  6. Chipmaker said...

    I looked this up once, so let’s use it.

    The Twins played in the home open air from 1961-81.

    Earliest opening day: April 6 (once, 1971). Opened on 4/9 three times, 4/11 once, 4/12 twice, 4/13 twice, and 4/14 three times, which is our median value. (The latest home opener was 4/23 in 1972, no doubt due to the strike.)

    Latest season ender: October 4 (twice, 1964 & ‘72). Closed on 10/3 once, 10/2 twice, 10/1 twice, 9/30 four times, and we again reach our median.

    Postseason closers: 10/4 (1970), 10/6 (1969), and 10/14 in the 1965 World Series.

    With seasons sometimes starting in late March and the postseason threatening to drag into November, that’s roughly a potential extra two weeks of weather on both ends that the Twins and their opponents and fans may have to endure in the open. Certainly they can, and it’ll be good, but it would be parts of the calendar that have never been tried in the Twin Cities climate before, not by major league baseball.

  7. GrinninBarrett said...

    I’m still trying to figure out who Katt is?

    As for unmentioned potential candidates:
    Blyleven might be worthy of “iconic team-related signage”
    Perhaps, Zoilo Versalles, Bob Allison, Jim Perry, or even Jim Kaat.

    Hopefully in another 18 years or so, Braves fans will get over Ron Gant’s wimpy attempt to reach 1st base in the ‘91 Series.

  8. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Yay you on catching my spelling error.
    Boo you on hatin’ on crime victims like Gant.

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