Thanks, Rupert!

So a month or so ago I was asked by the New York Post to review Marty Appel’s new Thurman Munson biography. They sent me the book. I read it. Liked it. I wrote a review. Then I traded the book to Jason at IIATMS for a Chipper Jones jersey he didn’t want anymore (query: what the hell is a Yankees fan doing with a Chipper Jones jersey anyway?). Pretty sweet deal all around (I think I got the better end of the trade, though).

Sadly, the review never ran, which happens sometimes. At least I think it never ran, because it never showed up on the Post’s website and I can’t find it online anywhere. Despite this, I just received a check in the mail for the full review fee (not a spike fee), which is strange even if the thing did run, because I am a procrastinator and I had neglected to send in the little invoice the Post requires before a check can be cut. Very strange.

Anyway, if anyone did happen to read my Thurman Munson book review someplace, please tell me how it turned out because I’m genuinely curious.

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  1. Simon DelMonte said...

    As someone who spends his days doing arts PR in NYC, and who has looked at the Post’s website in vain for coverage of my employer, I can tell you that there are still times when the Post’s website is not all-inclusive.  I think they expect people to pay for the paper or something.

    That said, any chance you will post some version of your review?  I’m interested in the book – what New York baseball fan who remembers Munson’s career and passing isn’t?

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