1. Matt Sullivan said...

    The salary cap is a horrible idea! It will do nothing to increase parity, which has been good in recent years. It will only alter the way big market teams court free agents from large year by year contracts to smaller contracts with bigger signing bonuses.

    The teams calling for this are the teams who do little or nothing to put a competitive team on the field. The current system of revenue sharing, designed to do the same thing paid the Marlins owners close to $40M while they only spent about $28M to field their team.

    The owners want revenue sharing because it will increase team values by cheating the players out of money. This is essentially corporate welfare. It is anti-free market, anti-American and should be illegal under collusion laws. How pathetic can you.

  2. Pete Toms said...

    @ glenn; December 2011

    @ Matt; yes owners like caps because they depress player compensation ( btw, so does rev sharing and the Yankee tax ).  Also, investment likes the “cost certainty” of caps.  In other words, good for franchise values.

    Cap leagues suck.  The NFL was more entertaining without it.

  3. TLA said...

    Unfortunately, a salary cap would do little to get Bob Nutting’s product (the Pirates) within whiffing distance of .500 on a consistent basis.  I mean, come on!  I don’t think Bob is having any trouble whatsoever controlling his payroll.  And I’m having trouble remembering the last time Pittsburgh had a legitimate offer on the table for any free agent and was outbid by a sizable amount by some bloated big market team.  Pittsburgh isn’t even particularly good at developing its own talent.

  4. GBS said...

    I’m fully against a cap, so I have little interest in listening to these exhorbitantly rich fellows with new taxpayer-funded
    stadia whining about money.  I do find it interesting, though, that none of these owners is mentioning a salary floor.  They have their cake, plus an all-you-can-eat cake buffet, yet they still want more.

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