The A-Rod bombs begin to fall

The New York Daily News has Selena Roberts’ soon-to-be released Alex Rodriguez book, and is spilling the salacious details this morning. Among them:

  • A-Rod was using steroids in high school, possibly obtained through the owner of a dog kennel;
  • Contrary to his public statements, he continued to use them up through and including his time with the Yankees;
  • A-Rod engaged in “pitch tipping” when he was with the Rangers, i.e. letting a friendly opponent at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games, and expected the favor returned; and
  • A-Rod is a bad tipper at Hooters
  • Hoo-boy. And yes, I do have a reaction to all of this. Since this popped up in the morning, however, it’s over at NBC, so please kindly click this little link to read it.

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    1. Breaker said...

      At the risk of really incriminating myself as a basement dwelling nerd, I can’t help but think that Selena Roberts is essentially Rita Skeeter.

      In my defense, I have never even witnessed a game of D&D…

    2. Eddo said...

      If the first two allegations are true, it throws a wrench in the “see, steroids didn’t bump his numbers at all!” argument that Keith Law is so fond of.

      (Not that I don’t like Law – I do very much – I just disagree with him on his blanket acceptance of Rodriguez’s denial of taking steroids anywhere but Texas.)

    3. pete said...

      Screw Selena Roberts. I don’t really care about anything she has to say about anything, let alone Arod, since it’s pretty clear she’s been looking to burn him at the stake for a long time now.

      It was refreshing to see even Buster Olney on Mike & Mike this morning (hey, I was at the gym and Morning Joe was in a commercial) basically say: “I hope Selena’s got more than this.”

    4. Jeff said...

      Oh wow.  So basically her book is full of crazy allegations (many of which seem plausible) but absolutely no real evidence?  Anonymous sources aren’t the type of credible sources that I’d trust to trash anyone.  A-Rod is an A-Hole, you betcha.  But to expect us to believe everything Roberts is saying about him in a “tell-all” book without having one source that was willing to go on record seems like a poor excuse for a book.  Roberts credibility is already much debated, and though I wasn’t sure where I stood, having a book full of wild accusations without anyone stepping up and saying, “I saw him do this,” doesn’t seem to help her case in that regard.

      Seems like a money grab to me.  I’ll keep my $25 in my pocket, thank you very much!

    5. Richard in Dallas said...

      The guys who reported the pitch-tipping anonymously were just trying to save their own skins.  What they were doing (or are doing), is grounds for a lifetime ban.  If there is ANY evidence at all(besides the telling anti-clutch stats in Alex’s past), there needs to be a full blown investigation by MLB.  And it needs to be SOON, before another cheater rises to the top of the all-time HR ladder, and gives sir Bud yet ANOTHER reason not to attend the breaking of his good friend’s record of 755…..

      And I want you all to keep in mind, that a certain player whose WS numbers kicked some major butt in 1919 is STILL banished for intentionally turning in a bad performance……

    6. Chris said...

      Am I the only one with a sense of perspective here?  Who cares whether the A-Rod/steroid issue has been rehashes a thousand times.  Who cares whether Selena Roberts has nothing to offer on the subject but recirculated rumours and rank hearsay.  Roberts has contributed something vital—nay, immortal—to baseball history.

      THE YANKEES CALL A-ROD “BITCH TITS.”  Who needs anything more?  That’s justification enough for publishing the book.  I’m buying it, opening to that page, cracking the spine, and leaving it on my desk in perpetuity.

    7. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

      You forgot my favorite part of the article.  In 2005, the Yankee players nicknamed him “Bitch Tits,” which might be the classiest nickname ever.  The next time he plays at Fenway, it’s going to be really ugly…

    8. mike in brooklyn said...

      Maybe I have reached steroid-saturation or something, but I feel the first two issues are just par for the course nowadays.  While I don’t agree with it, I don’t have the energy to get all worked up over it anymore.

      What bothers me more is that 3rd point.  There had always been accusations of A-Rod being more concerned with his own stats.  I always found that ridiculous—do you stop trying in a blowout?  If he seems to be “less clutch”, does one actually think he is trying harder in non-clutch situations?—But, in reading this, not only is it a possible explanation of his “unclutchiness”, but it’s reprehensible!  What a me-first thing to do!  He is actually conspiring with the other team to attain an end other the one he is allegedly out on the field to attain, i.e. winning the game.  Horrible, if true.  And right up there with the Pete Rose stuff, which I’d always put on a level higher than steroid stuff.

      As for the poor young ladies at Hooters, I will gladly offer my services to console them.

    9. Bob S said...

      Arod is no doubt a flawed character, but I share your cynicism regarding Roberts. She has a history of developing a story line and then collecting a few facts to support her anti-male sports agenda…see the Duke lacrosse fiasco, where she tried and executed the team based on what turned out to be fabricated testimony. She led the witch hunt at Duke, and to my knowledge never apologized after her character assassination of the players proved to be incorrect based on the physical evidence. Her Times story concerning Arod’s real estate in Florida was another such piece. In fact, she represents the worst of the media – those writing to an agenda versus reporting facts. And the facts here are that Roberts will make A LOT of money on this book. She has an agenda, and Arod is easy fodder given his clownish behavior. But I’m sure Dante had a special place in hell for muckrakers who profit from tearing down idols.

    10. Industrial Shelving Canada said...

      A*Rod get used to * being beside A-rod’s name
      what is wrong with these idiot’s? Or on the other hand would you have done it? We are talking Millions of dollars, and the life of fame. Not me, but cleary a good percentage of the population would. Stiffer punishment, end of problem.

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