The balance of power is about to shift

No, wait. It’s just gas:

Yankees Class AAA right-hander Russ Ortiz has exercised his right to become a free agent, according to his agent, John Boggs. Ortiz, 35, had the right to become a free agent if the Yankees did not promote him to the majors after three starts.

No pushing, no shoving. Everyone gets a chance to look before offers can be made.

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  1. Alex said...

    I follow the Yankees as closely as anyone, and even I didn’t know that Russ Ortiz was in the system. That doesn’t exactly bode well for his chances of latching on with someone, unless Dayton Moore has another bout of nostalgia.

  2. Jack Marshall said...

    I dunno—-ESPN claims “suitors are lining up” to sign John Smoltz, who apparently can’t pitch out of the bullpen and gives every indication of being the perfect candidate to pitch in the Home Run Derby. The teams that lose out on signing him can sign Ortiz.

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