The best laid plans of God and men . . .

Here’s the kicker of that Dominican Republic-Netherlands elimination game I linked this morning. Manager Felipe Alou started David Ortiz at first base — a position he hasn’t played in the Majors since 2007, and hasn’t played well since God knows when — because he wanted extra offense. The result: Ortiz goes 1-4 and the D.R. goes scoreless through 10 innings. Hey, that happens. Since it’s a taut 0-0 game, however, Alou pulls Ortiz for Willie Aybar. I mean really, let no man say that David Ortiz’s glove cost the team a chance to advance, right? The result:

The Netherlands’ miracle occurred with the help of a fielding error by first baseman Willy Aybar that allowed the Netherlands to score the game-winner in the bottom of the 11th inning.

Aybar was unable to field a sharply hit ground ball by Yurrendell de Caster, allowing Eugene Kingsale to race home from third base.

Like Bart said: this game’s designed to break your heart.

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  1. Rob said...

    Regardless, I’ll always remember that slick-fielding play from Game 3 of the 2004 World Series when Ortiz picked Suppan off third…

  2. tadthebad said...

    Remember the Cards 3rd base coach just throwing his arms up in the air as Suppan made his initial attempt to head home?  Classic.  Still, Ortiz made a good throw to nail him.

  3. Mark Morrow said...

    That last inning was a comedy of errors on both sides.  Both teams tried hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Alou will probably never manage another team again.


  4. Sara K said...

    Here’s hoping the Dutch used up all their luck in this improbable coup of the DR, as they play my rooting interest tonight (you go, Jose Oquendo!). 

    By the way, is there any better argument against communism than the fact that Cuba didn’t manage to come up with better unis this time around?  That’s some world-class ugly!

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