The chain of knuckleballers

lar knows what I likes:

In fact, since 1908, when Eddie Cicotte made it to the major leagues for good, there has been at least one pitcher carrying the knuckleball banner in the big leagues every year – and that’s even ignoring the pitchers who only lasted 3 or 4 years in the majors. The chain of “star” knucklers is quite interesting, actually. When you look closely at it, you see that everytime one knuckleballer would retire, the next one would almost immediately take his place. It’s as if the baton was being passed from one grizzled, retiring veteran to a young, fresh-faced kid every two decades or so. And, depending on the years that you choose to demark the eras, you can even find a second chain, staggering the first. They’re both quite interesting.

Trying to figure out if this is a “Highlander” “There can be only one” kind of thing, or if it’s more of a one-old-mage-having-his-lifeforce-stolen-by-an-apprentice, Fistindantilus-Raistlin kind of thing, with the “staggering” lar refers to being akin to Dalamar’s somewhat lesser ascendance (which makes Dalamar Tom Candiotti, I guess).

Don’t look at me like that. I’m already married. I don’t need to pretend I’m not a hopeless loser anymore.

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  1. Motherscratcher said...


    You, sir, just blew my freakin mind.

    Also, I always thought Dalamar was underrated. A victim of circumstance.

    Also, you’re a dork.

  2. Greg Simons said...

    Another Dragonlance reference?!?!  Huzzah to you, sir!

    Did you know there’s an animated “Dragons of Autumn Twilight” movie?  It’s not that good, but it’s out there.

  3. Motherscratcher said...

    Now, I have to go down into the basement to get the Dragonlance books out of the box and read the whole thing…again.  I hope that the cover art of Laurana, Goldmoon, and Kitiara still make me feel kind of tingley.

  4. Alan said...

    I was thinking it was more a Slayer kind of thing—when one dies another is chosen. Does that make me more or less geekier?

  5. lar said...

    I think I like Alan’s best. The Slayer makes much more sense.  Niekro didn’t behead Wynn when he was brought up and Hough didn’t kill Wilhelm to get his spot in the bigs. The natural progression of old to young fits the Slayer really well.

    Of course, none of these guys are 18 year old girls…

    (and, Wooden, Wilbur Wood was mentioned… he just didn’t get highlighted because his career didn’t create a natural border-point)

  6. Chris said...

    And to think that for 25 years I’ve thought I was the only person on the planet who loved baseball AND epic fantasy novels/role playing games equally.  I thought it was either-or for most people.

  7. Jason said...

    I’m pretty sure being a stathead baseball fan goes hand in hand with being an epic fantasy geek.  Or maybe that’s just limited to the few people who post on things like this?

  8. The Rabbit said...

    My ex-husband thought there was something “wrong with me” because I love fantasy novels/role playing games, sci-fi, and baseball.
    He was right.  There is something wrong with me, but that wasn’t it.
    And I will buy season tickets to any team that has a knuckleballer that looks like Adrian Paul.

  9. Greg Simons said...

    Over the last week or so, my wife and I watched the entire extended-edition version of “Lord of the Rings,” so count me in both groups.

    My wife, on the other hand, kinda liked the movies – especially the “happier” portions – and cares for baseball only because her husband does.

  10. Joe said...

    I have never commented before, but the above analogy forced me to comment so that I can claim that that might have been the nerdiest reference in the history of baseball. Is it sad that I totally understood it?

  11. Travis M. Nelson said...

    “And to think, my wife calls me a nerd for having read the Silmarillion.”

    So you’re the other one!

  12. Kahuna Tuna said...

    I think that during the off-season Craig should call his daily blog “My Morning in the Helcaraxë.”

  13. TC said...

    Every time you do this, Craig, I start to feel all 14 years old again and I get THIS CLOSE to going to my public library to check out the entire series.

  14. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Definitely go with the library copies, TC. The original cover art by Larry Elmore is far superior to that of the more recent editions . . .

    /not helping my geek quotient here
    //off to go read my copy of “The Art of Dragonlance” that, um, I found somewhere and didn’t use my own money to buy or anything.

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