The Circle of Life

As one park goes down, another goes up:

After more than a decade of negotiating and waiting, a date to begin construction on the Marlins’ new retractable-roof ballpark has been set . . . the ceremonial groundbreaking will take place on July 18, the Saturday after the All-Star break . . . Technically, workers will be on the Orange Bowl grounds to start building on July 1. The first few weeks, however, will be devoted to preparing the area for building. The July 18 ceremony will take place hours before the Marlins face the Phillies that night at Land Shark Stadium, the club’s home until the new park is ready.

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  1. Michael said...

    Unfortunately, it couldn’t happen to a crappier owner.

    Loria should have been bounced out of baseball on a rail, as opposed to the favored-nation status he enjoys from Uncle Bud.

  2. Art said...

    Nobody goes to Marlins games anyhow… this thing is either going to be pristine in 20 years from complete lack of use or in ruins from abandonment.

  3. Dwezilwoffa said...

    I hope they make it large enough to refurbish into a Football stadium for USF or the Canes after the Marlins are relocated to the DR or Portland or Las Vegas or whatever threat that owners try to leverage over politicians.

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