The daily grind: 10-3

And so we come to the last day. For those of you still alive and in a same day moves league, let’s use the comments to discuss what you need today.

Here is a list of today’s probable pitchers courtesy of Unsurprisingly, a lot of unusual names are on the list today. I’m most intrigued by Shelby Miller, who used to be a super prospect before supposed disciplinary issues soured scouts on him.

Today, three games “count.” The Rangers and Athletics will enter pitched battle with the winner taking the AL West and the loser falling to the Wild Card play-in. A.J. Griffin and Ryan Dempster are scheduled to start. The winner of the game will have 94 wins and the loser 93 wins.

The Yankees need to win to prevent the Orioles from tying them with 94 wins. They have an easy assignment with Hiroki Kuroda facing Daisuke Matsuzaka and the Red Sox. Winning tonight also guarantees the top seed to the Yankees.

The Orioles have a tougher task. Behind Chris Tillman, they need to beat Jeremy Hellickson and hope for a Yankees loss.

The good news for all involved is that they are clinched for the playoffs, which isn’t a bad consolation prize for a loss.

Some hitters for today include Darin Ruf and Domonic Brown against Edwin Jackson, Raul Ibanez versus Matsuzaka, and speedsters Carlos Gomez and Rajai Davis.

It’s been a fun season. Good luck today.


Brad Johnson

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