The daily grind: 4-2-13

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice for tinkers and daily fantasy players. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective, including notice of impending weather events, new injuries, and changes to platoon situations. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner. Use the team-by-team TDG eligible players spreadsheet for more detailed information.

Today’s grind

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): Hyun-Jin Ryu is still somewhat available at 52 percent owned. He started the spring rough but settled down to look like a respectable pitcher. The Giants aren’t much of an offensive test, so he should survive the outing.

Pitcher (bum): Justin Masterson and Jarrod Parker are both pitchers who usually wouldn’t find their way into the “Bum” section, but they face lineups with substantial power threats. In Masterson’s case, the Jays can trot out some potent right-handed sluggers and some on-base guys to bat before them.

Jorge de la Rosa is someone I’m not willing to bet on going out of the gate. The Brewers lineup is stout and will pose an immediate challenge for De La Rosa.

Hitter (power): Justin Smoak, Mitch Moreland, and Adam Lind are all widely available and have favorable match-ups.

Hitter (speed): Leonys Martin gets his first shot at Grind eligibility.

One of Emilio Bonifacio or Maicer Izturis should start at second base. Does anyone know how that platoon is expected to unfold?

Tomorrow’s grind

Pitcher (to start): Alexi Ogando‘s ownership is rather high at 63 percent. If he’s still available in your league, a match-up against Philip Humber and the Astros should spell a win if nothing more.

Clay Buchholz is a forgotten man. He’ll face a forgotten Yankees lineup tomorrow. Did I say “forgotten?” I meant “terrible.”

Pitcher (bum): Tomorrow has a hell of a list for exploitable pitchers. Ervin Santana, Humber, Kevin Correia, Kevin Slowey, and Ubaldo Jimenez will all take the hill against potent lineups. Target available players from the White Sox, Blue Jays, Nationals, Tigers and Rangers.

While you’re at it, go ahead and gamble against Tim Lincecum (vs. Dodgers) and Roy Halladay (vs. Braves).

Hitter (power): With that list above, you should have a lot from which to choose. Head over to the in-depth spreadsheet (linked above) and take your pick.

I like Juan Francisco against Halladay, but I’d also take another spin with Adam Lind and Mitch Moreland.

Garrett Jones‘ power bat versus Edwin Jackson‘s power fastball is one of those match-ups that should have a “true” outcome.

You could also try Seth Smith and Brandon Moss. See, so many options!

Hitter (speed): Will Venable rightly spends a lot of time on the waiver wire, but he also swipes a lot of bases against right-handed pitchers like Matt Harvey.

I’m going to keep calling Eduardo Nunez until he has a two-steal game and vindicates me. It’s not like you can pick up a better shortstop.

News from yesterday

Chris Heisey will be a starting outfielder while Ryan Ludwick recovers from his dislocated shoulder.

Weather watch

The Indians, Blue Jays, Rockies and Brewers are playing in cold weather again. Usually that means that the pitchers will outperform their talent level since it’s very hard to hit while cold. It takes a certain level of relaxation and rhythm to hit, and freezing temperatures interrupt both. The AL pairings even could see some snow.

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  1. Brad Johnson said...

    Vrev: You’re right and I knew that. Dur…

    Kubrick: Chen, Milone, Wandy

    They all have very similar risk/reward profiles. I see Chen as having a little more upside than the other two.

  2. Brad Johnson said...

    As I mentioned in the State of the Grind post last week, the weather section is going to take some work. First step is to list out which parks should be weather proof.

  3. KB said...

    Lots wrong with this list:

    1) If you aren’t going to start Parker vs. SEA, you shouldn’t have drafted him.
    2) TEX is facing a LHP today, meaning Martin won’t be in.
    3) Izturis is the 3B until Lawrie returns. Bonifacio is the 2B. Both will likely be in and out of the lineup @ various positions the entire season, until Bonifacio gets hurt.
    4) Seth Smith won’t be in the lineup on Weds. as OAK faces a LHP.
    5) The CLE/TOR and COL/MIL matchups are both in domes. Weather isn’t an issue at all.

  4. Brad Johnson said...

    #3 and 5 have already been commented on and will be fixed in future versions.

    2. Lucas Harrell is all kinds of right-handed, at least as a pitcher. However, you are correct that Gentry is now listed as the starter.

    4. I currently have no idea who is starting for the M’s tomorrow. It’s either Saunders or Maurer from the looks of it.

    As for #1, the column isn’t designed to tell you which pitchers NOT to start. It is designed to identify the pitchers most likely to blow up on a given day. If you drafted Parker, then you’re more optimistic than I am about him. I like his upside, but I see a lot more downside than the projection systems. If I’m playing a daily fantasy league, then I would (and did) stack Mariners hitters.

  5. Vrev said...

    Re: Toronto 2B. Isn’t Izturis starting at 3B while Lawrie is out, meaning Bonifacio will be the regular 2B?

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