The daily grind 5-30

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

Today’s grind

Alex Cobb has a streamable match-up against the White Sox. Consider hanging on to him if you’re in a deep league.

Anthony Bass faces everyone’s favorite basement dwellers in the battle of 17-win teams. Only one team can boast the fewest wins in the NL after today.

Christian Friedrich draws the surprisingly non-awful Astros. Still, it’s a weak and exploitable offense.

David Murphy versus Blake Beavan could get you some roto stats.

Matt Adams will face an up and down Tim Hudson.

Ryan Doumit donned his catchers gear yesterday for the first time in awhile. But you don’t care, you just want to know that he’s facing Tyson Ross today.

Ty Wigginton against Dillon Gee certainly sounds favorable to Wigs.

Tomorrow’s grind

So tomorrow is one of those times when NOBODY is playing. Three games.

If you insist on streaming a starter, your options quite literally end at Jeremy Guthrie. Sit this one out. To be doubly clear, that is not a recommendation of Guthrie.

Carlos Gomez might get the start. Or he might not. It’s hard to say if he’ll play when there’s a righty on the mound.

Brian Bogusevic will probably start for the Astros against Guthrie. There’s a chance Travis Buck might take that spot.

Try to correctly guess which one of Will Middlebrooks or Ryan Sweeney will start today and you will have won today’s meager jackpot.

Reliever watch

Brian Fuentes allowed a walk-off, three-run bomb to Josh Willingham. Save blown. The A’s have a handful of pitchers who are identically talented, so this could be a season-long revolving door.

I’m told John Rocker is “throwing political hardballs” now. That is clearly a man who deserves his stage.

Yesterday’s results

Homer Bailey worked out well for me, how about you? He earned the win: 9 IP, 5 K, 1.00 ERA, 0.56 WHIP

I warned you about bad innings with Joe Blanton, but yesterday just went badly. There seems to be an inverse correlation between my recommendation and his performance, which is frustrating. 5 IP, 4 K, 10.80 ERA, 2.2 WHIP

Jarrod Parker skated in and out of danger in a no-run, no decision: 6 IP, 4 K, 0.00 ERA, 1.33 WHIP

An unexciting 1-for-4 for Jason Kubel.

Seth Smith was 1-for-3 with one run.

Craig Gentry had a solid night. He went 2-for-3 with a walk and one stolen base.

Wigginton pulled a Kubel by posting an empty 1-for-4.

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  1. Kubrick said...

    Who do you like as a potential replacement for Pedroia out of this lot:  Beckham, Everth Cab, Tyler Greene, Plouffe, Jose Lopez?

  2. Brad Johnson said...

    Beckham’s been a little warmer this year if I recall. None of those guys are really on my radar.

    He’s only SS eligible at the time, but keep an eye on Jordy Mercer. He’s on waivers in Yahoo until June 2 so you’ll get a brief scouting look at him before you need to make a decision.

    He’ll probably gain 2b eligibility eventually.

  3. salvo said...

    Greene’s only good if you can afford to play him just vs. LHP, against whom he does very well (over .900 OPS, 9 xbh in 54 ab), and he also brings some steals.

    He’s also eligible at SS and (depending on your league) OF.

  4. Andrew said...

    Great Call on Bailey! It came down to him and Randall Delgado in my league as a stream option, I went with Bailey and it paid off well.

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