The earflap caps are coming!

It’s been over a month since I predicted that they’d be all the rage this winter, and now finally they’re available:

Next weekend, fans will finally be able to buy Phillies ear-flap caps, like the one Jimmy Rollins wore during the victorious World Series homestand in late October. At first, however, they’ll only be sold at the team’s Majestic Clubhouse store at Citizens Bank Park . . . Other retailers won’t get the caps until March, according to New Era, the exclusive provider of caps for Major-League Baseball.

Um, yeah. Because those things are gonna just fly off the shelves just as the weather starts to warm up. Still: most cool, in my opinion. I dig these hats.

Note: if they come in either Tigers or Braves (all-navy only, please) I wear a 7-3/4. Christmas is just around the corner, you know.

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  1. John Henning said...

    MLB teams might want to look into a way to keep these flaps around year-round. I suggest some kind of material that wicks, it’s always good to wick. See my thinking is, given the way the country’s economic woes appear to be affecting baseball, teams should use those flaps to go all Nascar and slap some sponsorships up there. Of course this assumes there will still be businesses and corporations with the cash to spend on sports sponsorships.

    On another note, does it seem to you like there have been fewer comments than usual of late? Could this be related to THT’s policy of not usually enabling comments? Or am I imagining all of this? Your readers tend to leave good comments and you’re very good at responding to them, giving the blog a great feeling of dialogue, so I hope the number of comments jumps back up ASAP.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Actually, until today comments seemed, if anything, to be up this week.  It’s a slow day, though, and there really isn’t anything all that interesting going on (or, at least I’m not writing much that is all that interesting today).

  3. John Henning said...

    I glanced through the comment totals on postings from the last few days and, of course, you’re right. Must just be today. Goes to show, never judge on a small sample size!

  4. John P said...

    These hats were actually available for a few teams on for like a month.

    I ordered 2 from last month, however they were youth and don’t fit my giant head.

    When I tried to order the “adult small” size from new era it mysteriously vanished.

    So anyway, i have 2 youth ones, One Mets, One Yankees. My little brother wears the yanks one and it really is awesome, can’t wait till these come out, even though like you said it makes 0 sense in the spring

  5. TC said...

    Warm? In March?  How soon we forget the Blizzard of Cleveland on Opening day just a couple of short seasons ago.

  6. Will Davidian said...

    I actually own a 7 3/4 black-on-black Mets down flap cap.  They have select styles and teams available at the New Era flagship store in Manhattan. Also available is an “Elmer Fudd” style of cap with a velcro chin strap.

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