1. jerry said...

    I am curious as to the reason many see Ryan Howard declining to the point that he’s a marginal 1b option next season. I know he will miss April and he has shown some signs of decline, but wouldn’t it still be safe to project him as a mid to high 20 HR, 90+ rbi based on current info? Is that enough to protect him over the likes of players like Jimmy Rollins or Daniel Hudson? I get to protect 7 – others are J Verlander, C Gonzalez, B McCann, H Pence, E Hosmer, P Goldschmidt.

  2. Nick Fleder said...

    I would expect 20 HR and closer to 80+ RBI. I’d keep him over Rollins and Hudson at the moment but I’m not quite sure why Goldschmidt has your 6th spot, if I’m reading that correctly.

    I’d rank those guys: Verlander, CarGo, McCann, Pence, Howard, Hosmer, Rollins, Hudson/Goldschmidt. Hudson I like next year, especially in 5×5 mixed leagues, but he’s probably gonna be relatively cheap and Goldschmidt is repetitive with corner and first base spots already filled. Plus, he should be cheap.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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