The last Manny post until the season starts

Our long national nightmare is over:

The Dodgers have agreed in principle on a two-year, $45 million deal to re-sign free agent left fielder Manny Ramirez, a baseball source said on Wednesday morning.
The deal was closed, pending a physical, at a meeting in Los Angeles attended by Ramirez, his agents Scott Boras and Mike Fiore, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, general manager Ned Colletti and manager Joe Torre, the latter duo both flying from Spring Training camp on Tuesday night for the session.

Given the way this offseason has gone, however, I won’t believe it until I see video of him working out with the team. Oh wait, this is the Dodgers, not the Braves. And of course, given that there’s an opt-out, a strong season from Ramirez would mean that we get to go through all of this again next season!

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  1. Wade Rittenberry said...

    Manny and Boras: “Gots ta’ get mines!”
    Put those tools back in the box.  Tired of seeing and hearing about their insatiable appetites.  Just think if Alex hadn’t been outed – we would have gotten even more about these craven scoundrels.
    Favorite Manny moment – Javy throwing his not-paying-attention butt out with a snap throw to first in the ‘95 Series.

  2. Rob said...

    I love how this is reported as a two-year deal instead of a one-year deal with a one-year player-option.

  3. themarksmith said...

    Hey, in the end, Boras succeeded. He got $5M more for a guy who sorta quit on his team. He got $5M more from an NL who now has to deal with his defense. And when Manny has a great season (and he probably will), he can opt-out, get the Angels (who will be Guerrero-less) involved, get the Giants involved (who will falter because they again have no offense), the Dodgers will be more desperate to keep him, and Manny’s stigma will move past him a bit. Granted, they didn’t get their goal, but how many really do?

  4. themarksmith said...

    And for those who hate Boras (I don’t like him, but he’s not the devil), please start hating Loria and Pohlad in the same sense for being as greedy as they are. At least they’re billionaires instead of millionaires.

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