The latest on Manny

The L.A. Times has the latest story about a possibly imminent Manny signing. It could be true, and the reported details — two guaranteed years and a vesting third based on plate appearances — make sense. Best part, though, is this Scott Boras quote:

The Dodgers open Cactus League play Wednesday; Boras previously told The Times he expected Ramirez to be signed in time for spring training. “When I talk about spring training, I talk about when the games begin,” Boras said.

And if the signing doesn’t happen by Wednesday, he’ll say “when I talk about spring training, I talk about March, because really, that’s what feels like spring training to me.” If it gets past Sunday, he’ll say “when I talk about spring training, I talk about March 7th, because that sure is a lucky sounding day, isn’t it . . .”

Hate all you want, but I sleep pretty well knowing that Scott Boras is out there somewhere, making the rest of the world seem sane and reasonable by comparison.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Well this year when I talk about spring training it is after the WBC because that is when the real spring training begins.

  2. JZ said...

    Well, when I talk about spring training, I talk about Game 1 of the regular season because let’s be honest: that’s all the training Manny needs to Be Manny.

  3. kranky kritter said...

    Spring training is just not of equal importance to every athlete, especially not in the modern era of virtually year-round conditioning. If you are fighting for a job or rehabbing from injury, then it’s important.

    Why not drop the pretense of its general importance? Isn’t the advent of the WBC with MLB’s eager consent a tacit acknowledgment that some guys can do without much of it?

    Manny could hibernate all winter and still need no more that a week to fine tune his swing. He’s the rain man of power hitters, and just about as selectively aware of the world around him.

  4. themarksmith said...

    Beware the Ides of March. I prophesy that the Dodgers will call Scott Boras into the clubhouse with loving gestures and then take turns stabbing him with metal cleats.

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