1. MooseinOhio said...

    Wonder if he has shifted his attention elsewhere?

    Manny may not be a good role model for the girls but would be seriously fun to play with.

    Varitek would certainly take care of them and I’m sure their performance in school would be awesome but he may be a bit of an enabler and actually stunt their development.

    Abreu would clearly be very patient with them and I’m use he’d treat them with respect and love but he may be getting a little slow to chase them around.

    What the heck – hire Boras to represent the girls as I wold love to see the book he designs for them as part of their college applications.  I’m sure one chapter would be entitled ‘Why little Suzie is one of the top five applicants of all times’ and I can’t wait to see how he convinces Harvard that not admitting little Janey would allow Yale to surpass them in prestige and endowment support.

  2. John Henning said...

    I think he might want to consider Brian Fuentes. A nice cheap(er) option, and on those long days of blogging/sports writering/parenting when he feels he’s out of gas, he can turn it over to Fuentes to close the day out for him.

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