“The Lost Son of Havana”

Here’s a link to both the auido and a somewhat truncated text of an NPR story I heard yesterday concerning a new documentary about Luis Tiant called “The Lost Son of Havana.” The film tells the story of Tiant’s return to Cuba after 46 years, and it sounds pretty amazing:

Tiant had been pitching for the Mexican baseball league during the Bay of Pigs invasion. He had recently married and was planning to go back to Cuba for his honeymoon.

But his father sent him a letter saying “don’t come home,” explaining that there was no longer professional baseball in Cuba and that the new communist government under Fidel Castro wasn’t letting anyone leave the island, Hock says.

Tiant’s father told him to “give it a little time, it’ll blow over and come home for your honeymoon then,” Hock says.

As the title implies, he didn’t make it back until 2008. I highly recommend the audio if you’re somewhere you can listen to it, because it goes into some backstory on Tiant’s father, who was a legend in the Negro Leagues.

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  1. kranky kritter said...

    Directed by the Farrelly brothers, oddly enough, considering their usual genre. But it makes sense given their red sox fanboy status.

    Looking forward to seeing this, especially given how I was such a big loooooo-eeee fan as a kid. The boston globe had a long story on it. The part that sounds especially gripping is the reunion Tiant had with a fellow cuban player who did not make it out and who had very mixed feelings of anger and jealously and so on.

    I don’t want to start any political arguments, but I do want to say that it’s a shame that so many people were hurt so badly by what turned into half-century d!ck-measuring contest. Amon gother things, of course. That’s not meant to be a comment against US policy or an attempt to whitewash anything Castro did. It just seems tragic, is all.

  2. Jason Seaver said...

    The Farrellys produced, but did not direct; that’s handled by Jonathan Hock.  I seem to recall that it’s the first of a series of sports docs they’re executive-producing, but that may refer to some of the other producers.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it Sunday night, when Tiant, the director, narrator Chris Cooper, the Farrellys, and (supposedly) several Red Sox players will be making appearances and taking questions at the Independent Film Festival of Boston.  I hope they find a way to fit another show in or at least get it a regular release here, as I gather it’s going to be a tough ticket to get day-of; the Farrellys have bought 200-odd tickets for family and friends).

  3. Flynn said...

    It’d be a shame if it didn’t get released to a decent number of theaters in New England. Looie is one of the most popular Red Sox of all time.

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