The Marlins’ New Park

Details emerging:

A pool and a porch will be prominent features at the Marlins’ new ballpark.

When the 37,000-seat, retractable-roof building opens in 2012, it will provide fans with numerous amenities and activities. Borrowing pages from the D-backs and Mets, the Marlins will have a pool area in left field and a porch in right field. The size of the pool will be about the same as the one at Chase Field in Arizona.

In meetings last week, the Marlins went over details with the their stadium designer, Populous — formerly HOK Sports. “We got into details of how big the pool would be, and how people would get there, and what their view would be from that pool area,” Samson said. At their current home, LandShark Stadium (formerly Dolphin Stadium), there is a hot tub area down the right-field side, near the Marlins bullpen.

“The pool is going to be much bigger than our current hot tub,” Samson said. “We think it’s going to be the size of a pretty nice pool. I’d say Arizona is a good comparison.”

More details will come out eventually, but for now I’m struggling to think of what’s less essential to the enjoyment of a baseball game than a swimming pool.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    This must be a Florida thing.  I get skeeved out (I think I last used that in 8th grade) just being in some of the public mens’ rooms at ballparks.  I can’t imagine wanting to bob in a pool for hours, knowing these same people aren’t exactly getting out of the pool to relieve themselves after several hours of drinking.

    They must pull on a Bill Murray/Carl Spackler-in-Caddyshack-pool-cleaning costume every night.

  2. YX said...

    Florida people, what will they do to avoid keeping their butts dry.

    Though it does make more sense than the one in Arizona

  3. devil_fingers said...

    “what’s less essential to the enjoyment of a baseball game than a swimming pool.”

    Many ideas here. To begin:

    Joe Buck
    Tim McCarver
    Chip Caray

  4. GWR said...

    ‘what’s less essential to the enjoyment of a baseball game than a swimming pool?’

    Having to see Francisco Rodriguez act like a jackass every time he gets a save!

    Sorry, I could not resists. I want to punch that guy in the mouth.

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