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  1. You’re close to saying Helton was feeling his oats.  His explanation was that he had never done that in 17 years and wanted to do it once before he retired.  He said at the time that that was finally off his list of things to do.

  2. thanks for doing the 9-innings games!!  More baseball usually means better baseball, but since I have little kids who wake up early I’m partial to 9 action-packed innings with lead changes, lots of guys on the bases, and a big finish.

  3. Love these lists. However, I’m pretty sure that last year there was a longer list (sans commentary) of the best games by WPA. Has this been posted for 2013? Would love to see it, as I would again use it to re-view the top games for my Giants (yes,even in a lost season, this prospect excites me).