The Nats lay people off

From Washington Business Journal:

The Washington Nationals, which finished its 2009 season with the worst record in baseball, recently laid off several people in the team’s executive offices, according to sources close to the team. Two former employees, who asked not to be identified, admitted to being laid off by the team.

One former employee, who worked as an account executive in the sales department, said he was let go last month. “There wasn’t much to it,” he said in a phone interview on Friday. “If you lose that many games there’s going to be changes to any organization, on and off the field. I think I was just part of that downsizing.” He said he was “definitely one of several” laid off in his department, which he said was made up of about 15 people. “We were told they were just downsizing and they basically left it at that . . . it was almost like a last in, first out kind of thing.”

So I guess that means the other person let go was Strasburg?

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  1. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    I’m sure these two folks have absolutely no reason whatsoever to exaggerate the number of people let go at the same time they were… if, in fact, they weren’t the only ones let go.

  2. Steve said...

    Disclaimer all numbers quoted are from 2008, though 2009 can’t be much different.

    144 MM Revenue
    19.5 MM Operating
    74 MM Players

    About 50 MM in profit which just so happens to almost equal their gate receipts.

    How can a business making ~50MM in profit lay people off?  If they suck at their job just fire them.

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