The networks like the big market playoff teams

If you can get past the media/ad-speak, you’ll hear a tale of big market success making for some very happy television networks:

Boasting a murderers’ row of big-market clubs–along with the Yankees and a pair of Los Angeles-area contenders, no less than six of the playoff-bound MLB franchises represent top 10 DMAs–the promise of a deep run to the Fall Classic has Turner Sports practicing its home run trot. (Waiting on deck with its fingers crossed for a great World Series matchup
is Fox.)

Heading into its third year of October baseball, TBS has sold 75 percent of its avails, signing on a roster of clients that includes endemics Anheuser-Busch (official MLB partner) and JPMorgan Chase, returning sponsors BlackBerry and Captain Morgan, and rookie Hass Avocado.

The buys extend through TBS’ exclusive coverage of the American League and National League Division Series, as well as the National League Championship Series, and include enhanced positioning and onscreen entitlements.

Wait, I thought “Hass avocados” were simply a variety of avocados, not a brand. Do Granny Smith apples buy ad time? How about Cavendish bananas?

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  1. Bob Timmermann said...

    Hass avocados aren’t a brand name. But they have their own trade group. They are the predominant variety of avocados sold in the U.S. I think the California economy now is pretty much avocado-dependent.

    All the other sectors have fallen apart.

  2. Gerry said...

    There’s a plaque commemorating the creation of the Granny Smith apple in Eastwood, a suburb of Sydney, about 4 miles from where I live. The Granny Smith festival is held there each October.

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