The New A’s Ballpark

With the recent escalation in A’s relocation/ballpark news, it’s important to remember that generalists like me are dilettantes at best. Any time there’s an issue of any complexity, the blogosphere produces a focused star to really jam on it, and the star with respect to the A’s relocation drama is the New A’s Ballpark blog, written by a fellow named Marine Layer (I think that’s a Scotch/Romanian name). If you care a lick about the issue, that’s the place to bookmark and refresh obsessively.

Lots of good posts there, including a nice graphic superimposing the last Cisco Field diagram over a map of the most likely San Jose building site. The FAQ is also necessary reading for anyone who wants to talk intelligently about all of this.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    Homeruns hit over the right field wall may be able to make it to the highway.  Not quite the same cache as McCovey cove but the result could certainly be more dramatic as cars pile up on one another after the ball takes out the window of a passing vehicle.

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