The Official Blog Post of the New York Yankees!

Well, maybe it’s not official yet, but they and the Mets have an official just about everything else:

Official Automobile Classified Company:

Official Supermarket Retailer: Stop & Shop

Official Rail Fare: Amtrak

Official Non-Dairy Creamer: Nestlé Coffee-Mate

Official Deli Meat: Boar’s Head

Official Pudding: Kozy Shack

Official Non-Kosher Hot Dog & French Fry: Nathan’s

I only made up one of them. Without looking, try to guess which it is.

(thanks to Pete Toms, the Official non-Québécois Canadian of ShysterBall)

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  1. Travis M. Nelson said...

    They have an official rail fare?  Is it just me, or are there not a whole lot of choices for cross-country trains?  Who else would their official train company be?

  2. Grant said...

    Well, Nathan’s is a Coney Island institution… And I dunno about Yankee Stadium, but they were all over Shea when I caught a game there over the summer. Didn’t have a chance to hit Yankee before it closed. By the time I moved up here they were in “see it for the last time” mode and tickets were ridiculous. Plus I don’t like Yankee fans.

  3. YankeesfanLen said...

    I have to go with the hot dog without checking in the freezer. Official rail fare?- all the money went to AIG

  4. Jim D. said...

    It has to be stop and shop right? First, I don’t think there are any here in NYC, and second, I don’t think they call themselves a “retailer”. I did however get fired from a Stop & Shop on Cape Cod so maybe I am biased against them.

    Speaking of Cape Cod, does anyone here follow the Cape Cod Baseball League? I would honestly trade my Yankees tickets for the ability to see every Cotuit Kettleers game.

  5. Chris H. said...

    I don’t follow the Cape Cod league much, but klaw always raves about it, so it’s probably cool.

    Thanks for the education on Nathan’s; I really didn’t know.

  6. Grant said...

    Their hot dogs are really good. They have a lot more garlic in them than your usual hot dog. Also, they’re long enough to actually fill the bun, which is always nice.

  7. Richard Barbieri said...

    There are many a Stop & Shop in the NYC area, so I buy that. I’m going with the Creamer.

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