“The Official Major League Baseball World Series Film Collection”

If anyone is looking for something to buy me for Christmas:

“The Official Major League Baseball World Series Film Collection” (A&E, $229.95), a spectacular DVD set that contains 20 discs featuring extensive footage of 65 World Series from 1943 to 2008.

It comes packaged in a thick, elongated hard-cover book that chronicles many memorable World Series moments with a forward by multi-award winning sportscaster and avid baseball fan Bob Costas. The book is great but the discs, located in pockets throughout its hefty pages, are the big attractions.

“Thick, elongated hard”

“Bob Costas”

What’s not to love?

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  1. lar said...

    Do you think they have a 1994 WS disc at all? Somehow I doubt MLB wants to provide an in-depth documentary on the strike or anything…

  2. Mode said...

    Ahh, the internet.  I just spent a full minute trying to figure out the “joke” by Mr. Cole.

    I still may be wrong, but I think you are serious.
    And I am not making fun.

    A “forward” is basically an introduction of sorts to a book, usually written by someone famous or known for their expertise on a subject.

    Damn, still not sure, maybe I’m missing the joke.  Please don’t explain if I am, it’ll only make me feel worse.

  3. Mode said...

    Yes Eric, let me add to my last comment:

    /Sorry Eric
    /Should have looked something up BEFORE commenting on it
    /Hey, the original error was by a someone who was paid to write it.
    /What do you expect from a guy who earlier used a BASEketball reference

  4. MooseinOhio said...

    I am not looking forward to December – damn you NBC, damn you.

    Apparently I am in the still in the anger stage of Craig’s announcement.

  5. Mark Armour said...

    Before you buy this for Craig, you can find it cheaper here: http://www.baseballdirect.com/items/bbd2095.html

    MLB has marketed these in groups before—for example, you could buy all of the series where the Cardinals won, or the A’s.  But all these for less than $4 per video is the way to go.  I just might have to ask for this from the family.

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