The Orioles move spring training to the Gulf coast

The Orioles, like my mother in law, will now winter in Sarasota:

The Orioles ended one era and began another on Wednesday, when they learned that their deal to relocate to Sarasota from Fort Lauderdale had been approved.

The Orioles had agreed on Tuesday to a 30-year lease with Sarasota County that calls for more than $31 million in funds to be provided for the renovation of Ed Smith Stadium, and the proposal passed a vote of both the City Council and Sarasota County Commission late on Wednesday night.

Also, like my mother in law, they will start wearing sweaters when it gets below 80, will start eating dinner at 4pm, will start calling the porch “the lenai,” and will ride one of those big three-wheeled bikes around and call it “their exercise.”

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    You forgot talking about how life was so much better in the old days when Earl Weaver was the manager, Peter Angelos was stringing together impressive lawsuits victories as opposed to losing season after losing season and the only PEDs found in the clubhouse were jar of pep pills.

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