The Orioles sign a shortstop



Looking for a fresh opportunity, Cesar Izturis believes he’s found one with the Orioles.

Less than a week after reaching an agreement on a tentative deal, Izturis on Tuesday was announced as the Orioles’ new starting shortstop, signing a two-year contract reportedly worth $6 million.

Look, somebody has to play there because if there wasn’t a shortstop, there would be an awful lot of base hits to the left side of the infield.

As for the hitting? Well, that might have been a wash.

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  1. Mike said...


    Furcal Reaches Agreement With Braves

    By Tim Dierkes [December 16 at 10:51am CST]
    10:51am:’s Mark Bowman says the Braves have no intention of trading Johnson or Escobar – they are moving Johnson back to left field.  Bowman believes Furcal will play second base.

    So it looks like Escobar will be at SS the next decade!

  2. Grant said...

    most of us at are quite satisfied with this signing.

    Watching the guys the O’s ran out there last year was a profoundly depressing experience. Stability at a barely-above-replacement-level is great.

    Still troubling is the lack of any middle infield prospects down teh line.

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