“The Pirates? Heck no, they’re quitters.”

It has nothing much to do with the article in which it’s found, but this kind of quote, about the challenges of facing the Cubs, always makes me smile:

“It’s big, especially with a team as quality as they are,” Wainwright said. “They’re going to be there at the end battling you. Anytime you can gain a game on a team like that, especially to open a series, is big.”

Just once I’d like the reporter to ask the obvious followup question “So, Adam, which teams aren’t there at the end battling you?”

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  1. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Considering Adam’s use of quality as an adjective unto itself, it’d be the intellectual equivalent of challenging a guy with a toothpick to a swordfight.

  2. Ron said...

    If ball players had the ability to make intelligent coments, people like us wouldn’t have a job writing about them.

  3. Wooden U Lykteneau said...

    Really? Did you see the transcript? How was it phrased exactly? Is it right next to sign on Jimmie Dimmick’s lawn?

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