The post in which I make my 1,365th Watchmen reference since October

This is a kind of neat article about some insanely complicated master control room equipment for monitoring video feeds and stuff. I say “kind of neat” because I don’t understand about every fifth word, so I’m erring on the side of caution. Anyway, it appears that the MLB Network has bought one of these bad boys:

Among the most recent customers of the NV8576/Kaleido-X integrated system was Major League Baseball, which installed it for its new MLB Network, slated to debut Jan. 1. The network is broadcasting out of the former MSNBC studios in Secaucus, N.J., which was undergoing a massive retrofitting at press time.

“This is somewhat of a highlight factory,” said Mark Hadden, vice president, engineering and IT, in describing the facility. “The workflows are very similar to a news operation: there are going to be a lot of events flying at us at once. The multiviewer is the perfect way to see a 30,000 foot view of everything coming out you at once—and each person can be looking at something different.”

Of course, if the MLB Network hired the right kind of employee, they wouldn’t need so many people to monitor all those screens.

It’s OK if you don’t get the reference. It’s a pretty pathetic reference.

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  1. KenDynamo said...

    Nothing pathetic at all. pretty rad is more like it.  though if they did hire that kind of employee i’d be pretty hesitant about joining him for a happy hour.  plus whats the work place pet policy for bringing in a that albino hybrid tiger thing to work?

  2. Aaron B. said...

    Oh Mr. Veidt.

    It’s too bad it looks like the movie’s going to be unsatisfying, but I guess that’ll just make the original better?

  3. Aaron said...

    I think you just have to accept that the movie will never be as good on screen as in your mind.

    After all, should we complain that Batman in the Dark Knight doesn’t have huge hands and feet?

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