The Rays to buy into a football league

Via Florio, the Rays are getting into the bush league football business:

On Wednesday, the UFL formally announced that the franchise headquartered in Orlando will be known as the “Florida Tuskers.” The UFL also announced that major league baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays have struck an agreement in principle to purchase an interest in the football franchise. The Tuskers, who are coached by Jim Haslett and who hold UFL dibs on Mike Vick, will play one of their home games at Tropicana Field in Tampa, home of the Rays.

Can you punt in Tropicana Field with those catwalks up there?

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Orlando playing in Tampa?  The Orlando Huskers of Tampa?

    Tampa and Orlando are about an hour apart.  Orlando doesn’t have enough facilities (hotels, highways, etc) to house them.

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