The real tragedy of the Omar situation

Is that it overshadows what — if true — would have been one of the most astounding things to ever take place in the history of baseball:

So now here stands Minaya, unofficially at war with one of the main papers that covers his team, which is hardly in the Mets’ interest. His judgment is being questioned and his image is substantially damaged. In the midst of all this nonsense, the team has actually showed signs of life in recent days, clearly bolstered by the presence of Jeff Francoeur in the clubhouse and the lineup.

Note, I did say “if true” . . .

(thanks to Andy for the heads up)

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  1. mike in brooklyn said...

    Oh, the talking heads here in NYC are just thrilled with Francoeur.  And now, after winning 3 in a row, everyone’s talking about a wild card run.  Of course, just before this mini-streak, those very same reporters were talking about what a bad team the Mets were and they had so much work to do in the off-season.

    Why do I torture myself by watching all this?

  2. Alex Poterack said...

    Will Rogers would’ve said that when Francoeur moved from the Braves to the Mets, he improved the offense of both teams…

  3. Arun said...

    Francoeur has also bolstered his OBP a whole .010 since he’s been traded. Do they put that on the scoreboard in New York?

  4. michael standish said...

    Speaking of Dayton Moore, word on the street is that trading for Francoeur is step one of a (secret) master plan; step two is trading Francoeur for Yuniesky “Too Bad If You Took The Brown Acid” Bettancourt.

    The beauty of this move lies in the powered-up offense that results from swapping Bettancourt’s stunning 3.5% BB/PA rate, as opposed to Francoeur’s puny 3.4% BB/PA.

  5. RP said...

    Woo-hoo! As a Phillies fan, I look forward to Minaya making a foolish trade designed to show that the Mets are still contending for the wild card.  Maybe Omar will call Dayton Moore for advice.

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