The Red Sox lose a valuable player

The success of the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group has not gone unnoticed by other organizations, and that includes organizations in others sports:

Boston Red Sox executive Michael Dee has been hired as chief executive officer of the Miami Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium. Dee will oversee business development of the team and stadium, the Dolphins said Sunday. He’ll be in charge of marketing the team and new projects at the stadium . . . Dee spent 14 years in major league baseball, including the past five as chief operating officer of the Red Sox while they consistently set records for attendance and revenue growth. He oversaw business operations and such improvements as the Green Monster seats, and brought concerts to Fenway Park. He was also president of Fenway Sports Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New England Sports Ventures, the parent company of the Red Sox.

FSG has been a huge part of the Red Sox success in recent years, and as its president, Dee will certainly be missed. And not to take anything away from Dee, but the real value of FSG to the ballclub is its structure as opposed to its personnel. That’s because as a corporate sibling rather than a component of the team itself, the revenue it creates is 100% non-sharable with the other ballclubs, even if its sole purpose is to, according to Dee himself, extend the Red Sox brand.

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  1. Craig Calcaterra said...

    That’s what I get for waking up at 4:45.  It’s gonna be one of those days, Spelling Police, so please, stick around.

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