The Return of Spolitical

Last year Fox’s Dayn Perry started — and then suspended — what looked to be shaping up into a must-read blog called Spolitical, which focused on the intersection of sports, politics, business, and society. The suspension was for a good reason: he owed a book to a publisher, and as I’m finding out, it’s hard to maintain a job, a blog, AND write a book (or in my case, pretend to write a book). For the record, I think the book was about how to rig the fantasy league you run so that you win the championship. Or at least it should be, because Dayn’s an expert in that area.

Anyway, to the joy and delight of us all, Spolitical is back, and Dayn is posting at a feverish pace. Check it out. You’ll be happy you did.

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  1. Chris Gilmore said...

    How is that novel coming Greg?

    Gotta a big, uh, big stack of papers there? Gotta, gotta nice litte story you’re working on there?

    (sorry for the family guy refrence)

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    For personal reasons, that’s the most uncomfortable Family Guy scene ever.  It’s so, so true . . .

  3. Bill B. said...

    How about this Robot Chicken bit about the Maytag Repairman?

    Click here.

    “You know those […] washers never break down and you were the one who said you would use that time for your writing. And I haven’t seen Page One, Ernest Hemingsh**head!”

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