1. APBA Guy said...

    I suspect something smilar will happen to the Chronicle or the Mercury News in the Bay Area this year. The Chron’s losses were particularly bad last year, about triple what the Rocky Mountain News reported.

    I think cheaper papers will fill their place, and hopefully the better writers will be able to maintain a mass audience similar to how Chass is doing it with his blog.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    The Chron announced yesterday that they’d shut down if they didn’t get monster concessions.  Hearst is private, though, so you never know what’s going on inside the walls.

    I wonder if Chass is an exception.  I always presumed that he got a buyout from the NYT and probably had a pension or something that allows him to spend his time working on his non-blog.  There are a lot of writers, I imagine—good ones—who would have to go do something else for a living.

  3. mkd said...

    Jesus, Murray Chass is freaking hack. If anyone deserves to be stripped of his audience its that pompous, delusional grumpasaurus. No one should be allowed to use the internet for self-publishing when they rip on everyone else for doing exactly the same thing. The chutzpah of the man is galling.

  4. APBA Guy said...

    A lot of the layoffs for the larger papers take the form of buyouts or early retirements, so it’s a fair guess that Chass got some cushion to help him get reestablished. I hope if the Chron has to do something drastic that their sports page isn’t completely shredded. Even in this area where “webiness”-I actually saw that used yesterday-is so pronounced, there are some traditional reporters who have a lot of insight, and fat rolodexes, who might be lost to us. While we’ll still get the facts from our web sources, these guys have access to front offices, scouts, etc..that a remotely located web staff won’t have.

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