The Scott Eyre Bailout

Phillies’ owner Bill Giles: All right, Scott, how much do you need?

Scott Eyre (doggedly): Two hundred and forty-two dollars!

Giles (pleading): Aw, Scott, just enough to tide you over till the bank reopens.

Eyre: I’ll take two hundred and forty-two dollars.

Giles starts rapidly to count out the money. Eyre throws his passbook on the counter.

Giles: There you are.

Eyre: That’ll close my account.

Giles: Your account’s still here. That’s a loan!

At least that’s how I picture this thing going down.

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  1. Mark Morrow said...

    What makes this so funny for me is that we have an owner in our league named Scott Eyre and I can picture him with his hand out grinning like an idiot.

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