The Twins are healthy

The economy may be stank on a stick, but the Twins are doing just fine, thank you:

The Minnesota Twins are on pace to sell a franchise-record 11,000 season tickets for the 2009 season, up from about 10,000 last year.

The team expects about 90 percent of last year’s season-ticket holders to renew — a strong rate given the economy — and hopes to add another 2,000 new season ticket holders before opening day April 6.

“We’re in a unique situation with the new ballpark on the horizon, the last year in the Metrodome, a very competitive team and a great value proposition in terms of flexibility and affordability,” said Steve Smith, the Twins’ vice president of ticket sales and service. “In some respects, I think we’re riding above some of the economic pain that some other organizations are feeling right now.”

They’ve also sold 80 percent of the club seats to the new joint already.

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  1. Jeff said...

    The media clowns who like the salary cap always cite the Royals and Pirates but miss the point….if you build a team that wins, people will come to your games.  If the Twinkies don’t need a salary cap, nobody does.  You just need competent management.

  2. Ben said...

    Damn those Twins!!!! Look at them and their profligate spending! And in the middle of a recession to boot! They’re bad for baseball I tell ya. Ruining the sport! They are just the reason why baseball needs a salary cap…oh wait

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