The Unit has options

Randy Johnson’s agent is talking about San Francisco, but if he’s being honest, there is a lot of interest in the Big Unit right now:

Randy Johnson is being wooed by both Bay Area teams. He seems to prefer the Giants.

“Randy’s really interested,” one of his agents, Barry Meister, said Thursday, the final day of the winter meetings. “We made a check list of everything that’s important, and San Francisco checks off on every box. They’re in the National League. They’ll be competitive. They train in Arizona.

“San Francisco has a lot of appeal” . . .

. . . Johnson’s camp reports of interest from the Dodgers, Angels, Cubs, Rangers, Brewers and Astros (the only team on the list that trains in Florida).

And I am inclined to believe that he’s being honest. Given (a) how productive Johnson was last year; and (b) his willingness to do a one-year deal, any team that isn’t 100% satisfied with its rotation — and that’s basically every team, isn’t it? — should be wanting to get in on this.

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  1. Scott said...

    “and that’s basically every team, isn’t it?”

    Except, for some reason, the Diamondbacks. It’s gonna be a looong season.

  2. Floyd said...

    Doesn’t he only need five more wins for 300? He’ll have to pitch two more years to get that many with the Giants.

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