The worst seats in the house

The Rangers are spending a few million bucks for upgrades at The Ballpark. One of them makes sense:

The Rangers also announced they are widening the home-plate screen an extra 50 feet so that it will run from one photo well to another next to the dugouts.

“We want to make sure that fans sitting in the locations closest to home plate are adequately protected from foul balls and broken bats,” Ryan said.

But another is simply terrifying:

The Rangers are also installing 91 premium seats in front of home plate . . .

Personally, I’d prefer to sit in foul territory, thank you very much.

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  1. Nate said...

    I lucked into a front row just outside of the screened area in SF. One of the few times I monitored my beer consumption at a game. Seeing Billy Wagner crank it up to 99 from that close was pretty alarming.

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