The Yankees and the DUI checkpoint

This story is mostly about Joe Girardi helping an accident victim on his way home from the ballpark last night, but this is all kinds of fun:

Police were in the area conducting a driving while intoxicated checkpoint on the parkway. In fact, about 15 minutes earlier, Girardi had passed through a driving while intoxicated checkpoint on the parkway. Cristiano, who was working the checkpoint, congratulated him on his first win as a manager and waved him through. He hadn’t been the only Yankees member to pass by the checkpoint. Pitcher Andy Pettitte also passed through earlier.

“He came through with a smile,” Cristiano said.

Cristiano, a self-described huge Yankees fan, said she hadn’t expect to see either one of them again.

Of course it makes perfect sense that Girardi and Pettitte were waved through with a smile. I mean, it’s not like there was any video of them drowning in booze from less than two hours prior . . .

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  1. Mode said...

    Officer: Sir, have you been drinking tonight?
    Girardi: No sir.
    Officer: It smells like you’ve been soaked in alcohol.
    Girardi: Well, I actually have been, but
    Officer: Please step out of the car

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Women’s Christian Temperance Union (I think). It’s the group that started the ball rolling towards Prohibition.

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