These things take time

In case anyone was wondering:

Pete Rose’s application for reinstatement remains under review — 12 years after he submitted it . . . Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said Tuesday he still is examining it and did not provide a timetable for a decision.

As a guy who adheres to the “if I ignore it long enough it moots itself” theory of paperwork, I admire Bud’s approach to this.

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  1. Pete Toms said...

    I think Rose is on his way back as long as he can keep his yap shut (difficult for him) and “act” with a bit of humility (again difficult for him).  No doubt the fact that he played in a “clean” (we’ll ignore coke and amphetamines) era will for work for him now, his sins will be compared to the “steroids era” and he won’t look so bad.

  2. Aaron Moreno said...

    I would have agreed with you, Pete, before Rose finally admitted to gambling on baseball. Instead of getting sympathy, the game turned on him as a liar as well as a gambler.

    I think he’ll get in the Hall, but he’ll have been dead for a few years when it happens.

  3. Chris said...

    I had the Commissioner as a guest lecturer for several classes this spring. My impression from discussions in class is that there is no way Rose gets in while Selig is commissioner.

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